Monday, May 17, 2010

Announcing: A New Dystopia Blog!

Confession time: I totally had a secret purpose for making last week Dystopia Week. Today, it is my pleasure to announce that I have joined forces with fellow 2011 Dystopian Debut writers to form a blog devoted exclusively to dystopian works!

There's Julia Karr, whose debut novel XVI is coming out from Speak/Penguin Books for Young Readers. Go to her website for more info about this futuristic novel which takes place in the year 2150. In this novel, turning sixteen isn't the birthday every girl dreams about--it's when you have to get a tattoo and your life begins to change, whether you want it to or not. Nina Oberon, however, has more things on her mind: her mother's murder, her father's reappearance, and a government that's a bit more than shady.

Also joining the group is Angie Smibert, whose book MEMENTO NORA is debuting from Marshall Cavendish. Her sci fi envisions a world where you can chose to erase your worst memories. In the near future, Nora witnesses a terrorist attack so horrible that she chooses to go to the Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic and forget all about it. Her mother's done it before--in fact, forgetting is fairly commonplace--but Nora decides to hold on to her memories.

You can read more about it here.

Finally, we have Jeff Hirsch, whose debut novel THE LONG WALK HOME coming from Scholastic has been described as a YA version of THE ROAD. Jeff's blog is here. In his novel, a boy, his father, and his grandfather walk a post-apocalyptic world. After deciding to help some strangers, their lives are complicated with injury and the discovery of a community trying desperately to hold onto the world before the wars.

DUDE! Isn't this freaking awesome?! I'm so hiding behind their awesomeness. So: if you're a fan of dystopia, want to support debut authors, or like thinking about what could happen in the sure to check out the new blog LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY WRITERS!


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