Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Which is Better?

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So, I recently read this article at Salon about whether or not book trailers were actually good marketing tools for writers. They made the point that while some book trailers are well done (including Scott Westerfeld's latest one for Leviathan), it might not really do much good.
And even so, how many readers outside of Westerfeld's devoted fan base are likely to see it? As a general rule, people don't go looking for ads on the Web (unless they're -- inexplicably -- seeking commercials they've already seen and liked on TV). If they are motivated enough to search for Westerfeld's name on YouTube, look his books up on Amazon or seek out his Web site, they've already made it past the most formidable barrier: the crushing obscurity in which the vast majority of authors languish.
The article did make an interesting point, though--that a well-done author interview can be more effective than a high priced book trailer.

And I thought: why not compare?

Here's an author interview with Maria Snyder that's just been released in which she talks about her latest book Sea Glass. I found it really interesting--especially (did you know?) because I learned that Maria's husband was a food taster. How cool! And I liked the touch with Orlando Bloom... :)

But there's also an excellent book trailer out with Maria's Storm Glass. It is actually really one of the better book trailers out there--you guys know I'm picky, so that fact that I'm giving this one the Beth Seal of Approval should count for something.

And, lest we forget, there's the tool that I mentioned earlier: one of the best widgets for a book promo I've ever seen. It isn't a simple countdown--it's a dynamic marketing tool.

So, there you have it: three different online marketing tools by the same author for the same book series of the same high quality.
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