Monday, February 15, 2010

Today in Class: Of Snobbery and Pregnancy

This happened last week, during Guest Post Week, but I figured I'd save it until now. See, the husband, being the wonderful guy he is, decided I needed more of a break than an unplug week. So, he booked a bed and breakfast in the mountains, told me to take three days off work, and holed me up in an ivory tower. Freaking A.

As a side-note relevant to this post: I'm one of the youngest teachers at school, and for a few years now, the kids (and some of the teachers) have had a running bet on when I'll get preggers. Because we live in a small town, and that's what people do: get knocked up. I try to tamp down the rampant speculation, but for some kids, they think nothing is more fascinating than a teacher who is a real person and might have kids.

Me: OK, so, kids, I'm going to be out for a couple of days. Be nice to the substitute.

Kid 1: Where are you going?

Me: My husband's taking me out.

All the Kids: OooOoOoooooooOooooo!
(They are, of course, linking up the fact that the weekend I'm going to be gone is also Valentine's Day weekend...)

Kid 1: She's going out with her husband! And they're gonna get conceited!

Everyone in the Room: *blink*blink*

Kid 2: They're going to conceive, moron.

Me: *too busy laughing to reprimand them for bringing the subject up*
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