Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today in Class: Random Funnies

I overheard two students talking. The girl had recently come out, and was working up the nerve to ask another girl out to the prom.

Boy: Just ask her already!

Girl: I want to, but I'm scared! I love her so much! I want to marry her and be with her forever and--

Boy: I hope you don't think you can have babies with her.

Girl: We could adopt.

Boy: You've got different mechanics, that's all I'm saying.


Also overheard in the hall:
Kid: I'm going to Creative Writing Club after school today!

History Teacher: Oh, you're part of the Mrs. Revis fan club?

Ack! The eternal battle between the History Department and the English Department rages on!


 At the Creative Writing Club meeting, I had the kids make posters advertising a call for entries to our literary magazines. My favorite poster? The one that said:

Bring your entries to E-Rizzle's in Room 111, yo!


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