Friday, February 5, 2010

OMG YOU GUYS. I found it. THE ONE.

Okay. OKAY. I KNOW that I went all nerd spaz over the iPad.

And I still think the iPad is pretty darn cool. I trust the Apple name, and I seriously considered buying one.

But then I saw this.


enTourage eDGe.
(Why isn't there a chorus of angels signing every time someone says its name?)

I AM SO GOING TO BUY ONE OF THESE AS SOON AS MY TAX MONEY COMES BACK. (And PS: it's not that expensive. About $500. Really--for what it does, not bad AT ALL.)

It is everything I ever dreamed of.

It is--essentially--a Kindle and an iPad COMBINED.

If a netbook and an e-reader got drunk one night and had a love child, THIS IS IT.


On the left side is the e-book--with the e-ink technology Kindle uses--AND AND AND it has the ability to scribble notes on WITH A STYLUS or a ON-BOARD KEYBOARD and it can highlight and basically fulfill your dreams. On the right-side is a netbook--although this is limited. You don't have the fancy apps that iPad has, and it's mostly internet-able (as opposed to work-ready. No word processor that I could see. Which--I admit--is the only thing I see as a detrimental factor. But it does have the ability to hook up to a USB keyboard, and access to Google, so I could always use Google Docs if I wanted to type.)

And it's pretty.

For reals.

This is what I want.

It's practically perfect.

I want an e-reader that can do the following:
  • Read books with low battery usage
    • If I just wanna read for fun, I want a simple e-reader (iPad fails at this)
    • This is because I plan on uploading my own work and using this to edit. Also: manuscript critique. OMG how much easier would crits be with this feature?! (Kindle fails at this. There's a note feature, but not a handwriting note feature.)
  • Have both e-ink and color
    • IPad and Kindle fail at this. It's one or the other with them.
  • Be able to check email, surf, and type longer documents than in-text notes
    • If I want to add a chapter to the manuscript I'm editing, I want to be able to type it on a decent keyboard. This device does this.
    • Kindle does not at all do this
    • iPad sort of does this--but not simultaneously, with the ability to see both the document and the type screen.
The enTourage eDGe does all this.


Seriously guys. Go check out this link. DO IT. It's a demo of all the stuff enTourage eDGe can do.

cNet did a bit of a review here.

Edited to add:
A bit more research shows that this thing is EVEN MORE PERFECT for writers than I originally thought. It is going to be shipped with a program that enables MS Office document creation.
A few months ago when we first spoke with the folks behind the Entourage eDGe dual-screen eReader/netbook/tablet they told us they were working with Android app developers to create or modify apps that would work on the device’s larger screens. One such app they hoped to procure for the launch was Documents To Go by DataViz which would allow eDGe users to open, edit and create MS Office documents out of the box. Today the company officially announced that the software will be available on the dualbook and, even better news, users won’t have to pay extra. 

Guys. It reads. It writes. It plays music and video. It has a recorder and camera (conferencing ans Skype, anyone?). It even has the mighty intarwebs.

What more can we want?!
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