Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today in Class: The Foreign Tongue

I love languages, and try to pick up a little from anywhere I go, or any culture that I am interested in. I've got half-way decent French (I mean, I could get around, with lots of pointing and miming to go with it), can ask about toilets and prices in Italian (what else do you need to know?), and greetings and common phrases in several other languages. Not much--it's just that language fascinates me, so I pick up on it more.


Kid 1: *whispers to Kid 2* I bet she can't.

Kid 2: *whispers back* Bet she can!

Me: Bet I can what?

Kid 1: Bet you can't say anything in French.

Me: Ah, oui! Je parle in Francais, et tu?

Kid 2: Oooooo!

Kid 1: Say something from Germany!

Me: Ich sprecken sie Deutsch.

Kid 2: Latin!

Me: Semper ubi, sub ubi.

Kid 1: Do you know anything from Japan?

Me: Ohiyo.

Kid 2: Say something from China!

Me: Nihao!

Kid 1: Can you say something from England?

Me: Wait--what?

Kid 2: OOoo, you got her! She doesn't know how speak from England!

Me: ...

Me: Seriously? I mean....seriously?

Kid 1 & Kid 2: *high five*

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