Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still Alive

WriterGirl (who I've upped to Super Hero status) (whose secret identity is Heather, but shhh don't tell it's a sekkrit) (who is also one of my early beta readers) (who you should totally be following, if you're not already) (who is also awesome) (and who is totally worthy of all of these parenthetical asides) ... ANYWAY, Heather recently pointed out to me that a song, "Still Alive" by Lisa Mistovsky, reminded her of the main characters of my book.


I listend to it on You Tube, then looked up the lyrics, then downloaded it from iTunes IMMEDIATELY. Even the video, with the breaking glass montage, really reminds me of my main character Amy.

This is the New Official (Awesome) Theme Song of my Writing.

[deleted lyrics to avoid copyright infringement]

So, do you have an Official (Awesome) Theme Song of YOUR Writing?
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