Thursday, July 30, 2009

Critique Session #4

On the Other Side of Sleep (working title)
Mainstream Fiction
Ian Bontemps

Sarah Turner is a young woman living in northeast England who has grown up living with her nightmares and learned how to control them.

Now she finds she can leave her dreams entirely and enter the dreams of anyone, anywhere. Resolving to embrace this, she begins to lose herself in the dreams of others, only to find herself in mortal danger.

However, her biggest mistake may be bringing hope to a man in a coma; when she finds not everyone should wield the power she has been taking for granted, and that death is not always the end.

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF SLEEP (working title) is an 80,000 word mainstream novel, which explores the beguiling prospect of living in dreams and the consequences when they clash with the jagged reality of contemporary life.

It will appeal to fans of the surreal worlds of Neil Gaiman and the readers of Michael Marshall Smith, where uncomfortable and extraordinary events fracture the lives of relatable characters.
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