Saturday, April 19, 2008

Religion in Books

I am considering submitting Babbletongue to a Christian agent (not an agent who's Christian, but an agent who reps only Christian works, obviously).

I'm worried that she won't think it "Christian enough." All of my works are Christian, although none of them are overtly so. CS Lewis changed my life in more ways than one. Because he wrote a story within a story, I realized that literature is fun and intriguing, and part of my life became dedicated at a very early age to the exploration of books...which lead to a career as an English teacher and a soon-to-be (notice the hope?) career as a published author. More importantly, it helped me understand more than any sermon or pamphlet ever could about the real meaning of Christ's sacrifice, and the love He had for us despite our sin. I have made it my life's endeavor to emulate not his work, but the feeling he evoked in me because of his work.

...which is saying something, considering my heroine in Babbletongue is a snarky girl who kicks cats.

But the correlation is there. In Babbletongue, Mina learns about True Names (the soul) and their importance. She learns about how important it is to protect your soul from temptation. That power isn't as great as truth. That loving someone can mean letting go. That the best decisions in life are the hardest...and often involve sacrifice.

That a snarky girl who kicks cats can still have a Christian life.
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