Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Problem with Revisions

The Red Thread is currently going through my critique group, and already their comments are so spot-on that I can tell that I'm going to have to do some heavy revisions, especially to the first chapter, where I've got some POV problems.

I dislike revisions in general, just because now I'm working with a book where I know the ending and usually (as in this case) I've already started another book where I don't know the ending and cannot wait to finish it and see how it is. Problem is, I've got some new great ideas of how to revise The Red Thread, and now I want to do both at the same time! Day-job, schmay-job...I wish I could spend half the day working on The Red Thread and the other half working on the new WIP! Right now it feels as if my brain is split in half--part thinking about how to revise The Red Thread (I came up with an entirely new opener last night, close to midnight), and part still trying to puzzle through the problem I've given my kids in the new WIP.

Maybe revisions are good for me right now...bit stuck on that problem in the WIP...
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