Monday, August 6, 2012

Shades of Earth ARC Requests

SHADES OF EARTH is officially sent off to the typesetter--today! This is so exciting...the final book of my first trilogy is about to be a real book. Understandably, SHADES was on my mind a lot today--which meant seeing this rainbow on my drive home after meeting with great friends made everything feel a little bit like a promise fulfilled and a hope for the next thing in my life.

So! A little bit about the process! The typesetter will take all those words my editor slaved over with me, and will turn them into pages, with those words neatly arranged upon them in the right order. Then, those pages are printed into an ARC--Advanced Reader Copy--and then my publicist will mail those ARCs to people who want to review the book. Then early reviews come in, I try not to obsess about them, and soon after that: the book comes out for REALS.

If you are one of those reviewer type people who would like an ARC, then (finally!) I have the means for you to request one! CLICK HERE to go to a form where you can put all your information in. Please keep in mind that I'm basically acting like a medium here--I take your information, and I give it to my publicist, and some (definitely not all) of the people who request an ARC will get them. I know the ARCs are going to be limited, and I know there won't be enough for everyone. What I'm saying is, please don't hate me if you don't get an ARC. Because I think you're pretty and I want to be your friend.

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