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Breathless Reads Interview Week: Morgan Rhodes, author of FALLING KINGDOMS

Welcome to the Breathless Reads Interview Week! Each day this week, I'm posting a new interview from one of the five Fall 2012 Breathless Reads Authors. Comment on each interview, and you can win an ARC. Comment on all five interviews, and you're entered to win a box set of all the books! Keep reading for more details on the contest and more ways to win!

Today, we're celebrating Morgan Rhodes, author of FALLING KINGDOMS! FALLING KINGDOMS is a YA fantasy and the first in a series--which makes me super jealous, because the project I'm working on is a fantasy series :)

Cyberstalk Morgan!
Now for the Interview! Because there's five books in the 2012 Breathless Reads line-up, I've got five questions for the authors.

1. Please describe your book in five words:

High fantasy with kickass teens.

2. Please describe your main character in five words:
I have several main characters through which the story is told, but I’m going to focus on Cleo for this question....

Princess seeks magic. Finds danger.

3. Now the tough one! Describe yourself in five words:
Tired writer needs more coffee.

4. Can you give us a hint about what makes your book “breathless”? 
Honestly, there isn’t much about Falling Kingdoms that isn’t breathless (if I might say such immodest things). There’s adventure, danger, swords, sorcery, witches, shapeshifters, murder, smokin’ hot guys, romance, kidnapping, twists and turns, and this is just the first book in the series!

5. What are five other books that have left you breathless? (I.e. five book recommendations, or five works that inspired you, etc.)
Obviously, I can name the other Breathless Reads – Origin by Jessica Khoury, The Innocents by Lili Peloquin, Black City by Elizabeth Richards, and Venom by Fiona Paul. Other than those fantastic titles, my five picks at this very moment would be:

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Although I didn’t love the move. No idea why!)
The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead (So good! I’ve loved all of Richelle’s books, but this is the most recent that confirmed that I am madly in love with Adrian.)
Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning (I devoured this entire series like chocolate. Jericho Barrons is my favorite hero of all time.)
Delirium by Lauren Oliver (Loved this book so much.)
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Broke my heart, but I loved it.)

And now for the contest!!

To enter, just comment on this interview and let Morgan know how much you want to read her book. Please also fill out this Rafflecopter so I can better keep track of entries. You'll be entered for a chance to win a copy of FALLING KINGDOMS (in ARC form). Stick around all week and comment on all the interviews, and you'll be entered to win a box set of all five Breathless Reads books!

Want to read a sneak peek of all the books? Download the Breathless Reads sample! BN | FB | Amazon

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