Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Soon: Writing Wednesdays

Hi all!

So I've been thinking a lot about the process of writing lately--mostly because I've just wrapped up one book trilogy with the completion of SHADES OF EARTH and am also starting another project on something that both excites and terrifies me. The whole situation has made me think about the processes and how I write and edit, and since I usually think in words and because I've been meaning to beef up the "for writers" section of my website....all this led me to come up with a new idea for a series of posts.

I'm calling it Writing Wednesdays because (a) I like alliteration, and (b) it's smack-dab in the center of the week, so no pressure to be smart right out of the gate on Mondays. 

But I'd love to get your feedback on this. I've already done a few writing posts before (check out the Quick Links on the menu bar to the right). And I don't want to do the same stuff you can find anywhere else, and I don't want to be boring.

So: a few questions for you!

Would you like to see weekly-ish posts about writing on this blog? Please be honest! You're not going to hurt my feelings if you think this is a bad idea--I want to know if this is something people want or not.

If so, what are some writing related topics that you're most interested in seeing me write about? Is there a burning question? A need-to-know subject? Let me know!

Related: some people have mentioned they're having trouble with the comments on my site--it's something I'm working on, but don't have an easy fix for right now. If you can't get to the comments by clicking COMMENTS below, please try clicking here.

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