Friday, July 1, 2011

The Secret of the Stars Revealed!


This is...this is a fansite. For ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Made by fans. 

*dies of joy*

I mean, yeah, there's the Official Fansite, but that's run by my publisher. Secret of the Stars is run by Megan and Mindy, two book bffs who are amazing and wonderful and charming. They came up with the idea of a fansite on their own, and I am just in awe of what an awesome job they did!

Megan and Mindy have lots of amazing stuff already up on the website. There's Operation Elder, their drive to get people to read the book.

And they're hosting a Read-a-Long. Read the book alongside them for fun discussions (maybe a few secrets from me), and a chance to win lots of prizes! They have a whole schedule, starting July 5, and they have a TON of prizes to give away!

The whole thing looks AMAZING and I'm really and truly in awe of them--and incredibly touched that they made such a wonderful website! Please, please, please go over and check the site out!!

I almost forgot the best part: They're kicking the site off today with a bang--and a contest for a signed copy of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE + swag! Just visit the page and fill out the form to win!

Also, I'm thinking that it would be great to give them some exclusive content, or a really neat prize to share with everyone. Are there any AtU questions or secrets you're dying to know, or a prize you'd love to have? Let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to make it work!

That said, let's make the comment area of this post a spoiler zone--please feel free to post spoilery questions that you'd like an answer to. If you want to stay spoiler free, please email your suggestions to me at
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