Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Faction Are You?

Yesterday we posted our Bookanista celebration video for Veronica Roth in which the Bookanistas all posted which faction they think they belong in. By and far, most of my fellow Bookanistas are Dauntless (brave)...but I definitely don't think I qualify for that. I'm more likely to be Candor (truthful).

If you've not read DIVERGENT yet (and honestly, why not?) there are, essentially, faction which encompass certain human qualities. The main character, Tris, is a divergent--she is strong in two or more factions.

If you've read DIVERGENT, which faction do you think you belong to? If you've not read DIVERGENT (and, actually, even if you have) you can play this interactive game to determine which faction you're most likely to be in. 

So let me know: what's your strongest faction?

  • Abnegation (selflessness)
  • Dauntless (bravery)
  • Erudite (intelligence)
  • Amity (peacefulness)
  • Candor (honesty)


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