Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maildrop of DOOM

And so today I went to the post office.

First, I had to pack everything up--but I wanted to show you the scope of everything, but the dog didn't want to cooperate.

The big black hole around the envelopes is my dog.
He was NOT moving for something as simple as 100 pieces of mail.
Fortunately, I've got a HUGE bag that actually fit all the packages in it. I think the bag is actually a TARDIS--bigger on the inside.

This bag amazed me.
And then off to the post office! Now several of you expressed concern that I'd be in line for hours. But no! You are mistaken! My post office is teeny-tiny. Only the last third of the building is the post office. The other two-thirds of the building are actually just store-fronts, I think. They're boarded up. It is, perhaps, a passage to Hogwarts. I must go tap some bricks.

This picture was taken from my car.
I live in such a small town, I can stop in the middle of the street and take pictures.

I adore my post office it's really old--with a sign in the front to tell you about it.

And the inside is tiny and cute, too, with those really old-fashioned PO Boxes (mine is #27).

This is the entirety of the post office--I'm standing in the far corner as I take this picture. It's deep enough to support a line of about three or maybe four people in front of the window. I should have taken a picture of the window--it's frosted with old-timey gilt lettering.

And that was my postal adventures for the day! One hour and one hundred packages later, and I left feeling very much like Santa!
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