Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today in Class: Midterms, Part II

I'm still grading midterms. That is the curse of the teacher. There is always more to grade.

Question: Extra Credit: In the space below, list any additional knowledge you have gained from this class that isn't on the test. It can be anything--just prove to me you learned something new.

Answer: I learned that being stupid in class means I will get smacked in the head.


Well, technically, that is something he learned in class..... 

Edited to add:

[same question: list any additional info learned in class]

Answer: I learned that miss revis dont play an we need to listen. ... An plays in Greece where weird an nasty. Come on now, marrying your mother?    

[other student: same question]

 Answer: I learned that I need to study more!

[other student: same question]

Answer: I learned to wright better.  [*facepalm*] 
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