Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I Live Blog

The husband was bored yesterday.

Which is why I do my live-blogging when he's otherwise occupied, such as on the guy's poker night.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked around 7.

"Revising," I said. "Go away."

He came back in an hour.

"Whatcha doing now?" he asked.

"Revising," I said. "Go away some more."

"That's not revising. That's blogging."

"I'm live-blogging my revisions."

"Looks like you're wasting time."

And I can see how he thinks that--I actually do spend a bit of time setting up the live-blog post, and going back to update it.


I actually get more done in revisions when I live-blog this way.

It's because my greatest distraction when working on a manuscript--especially when working on a part of the manuscript that I despise, like revisions--is the internet. It's right there, on the same computer I'm working on. Perhaps because I'm of the Google Generation, or perhaps just because I have the attention span of a flea, I'm used to working with 5 or 10 tabs in Firefox open. I check my email, and in between emails refresh Twitter, and while I'm waiting for an @ reply on Twitter, I open up Google Reader and start checking on blogs I follow, and while I wait for comment boxes on the blogs I follow to open, I hop over to Etsy and browse the soap stores.

Likewise, unless I'm really focused on writing, I'll write a few pages, then skim over to iTunes, then click to my notes folder, and, eventually, I end up on the internet and before I know it, I've wasted a ton of time.

I started live-blogging on a whim, but I've really found it helpful because it reminds me that I shouldn't be on the internet (ironically enough) and that I should be accountable. Recording how much time I work and how much time I goof off reminds me not to goof off every time I write that time stamp in.

And it's fun! Your comments keep me going! :)

So, how do you avoid distractions and stay on track?
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