Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today in Class: Translations

They're baaaaack! The hordes of students!

I'm teaching World Lit again (yay!).

ME: In this class, we'll be reading literature from around the world, as long as it wasn't originally written in English. So nothing from America, nothing from England or Australia, or anywhere where the native language is English.

KID: *eyes wide, but too scared to speak on the first day*

ME: We'll start with the Ancient World, and read things from GILGAMESH and THE BOOK OF THE DEAD. We'll do three plays from Greece, then focus on China and Japan, and wrap up with Europe from the Middle Ages to the Holocaust.

KID: *eyes wider, practically trembling*

ME: Is something wrong?

KID: You're going to make us learn all those languages?! I can barely speak English! I can't read nothing in Chinese!
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