Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Color Me

So, as you can tell from my last post (man, are you guys happy to see me slave away in the public school system ;) I am back in school.


Goodbye sleeping until noon. Goodbye lazy days. Goodbye all-day-writing-in-my-pjs-swilling-coffee days.


So...if I'm scant on commenting on blogs, I'm sorry in advance! I've already hit "mark all as read" twice since teacher workdays, and now I've got 75 kids in my classrooms, so I don't see things settling down until I'm back in a regular schedule.

But! BUT! I am still going to try to keep up with my own blogging schedule! And today I give you something that I read during teacher workdays, thought was cool, and then promptly forgot to post about.

Daphne Unfeasible first posted about this here. The main page to it is here. Basically, you plug in your name, the Intarwebs does magic, and it pops out with a graphic (like mine above) that shows you what your name's online presence is. Considering mine is mostly "online," "books," "education," and "entertainment," it does seem fairly accurate (although not, apparently, if you have a fairly common name. For example, I suspect the green "medical" block in mine above comes from a yoga instructor who stole--STOLE--my name. *cough* Let's not mention how she's older than me.)

Now, I'm not being all crazy paranoid, but I did feel a tinge relieved that there's a strong book presence in my chart. It's the same concept as Googling my name--I want me to be first, not that Beth Revis who's a yoga instructor. Developing an online presence that's recognizable is important, especially for a break-out artist of any type.

So, what color are you? What does your name say about your online presence?


PJ Hoover said...

I'm weighed on Books, Media, Social, and Sports (maybe the Kung Fu?).
What a fun too, and I do the read all from time to time, too!

ElanaJ said...

I better go do this. I'll report back. Thanks for a time waster today! I needed one.

Trisha Pearson said...

Well, that's a fun little tool. My name must be too common though - education and travel were my biggest things and they are two the things I haven't done nearly enough of.

nomadshan said...

Hahaha. OK, using my full name, "illegal" is the biggest characteristic. :D That's followed by "sports", then "politics", then "books".

Using nomadshan (my usual username), "books" was first, followed by "online", then "social".


Danyelle said...

This was fun, but for some reason didn't work for me. Google knows who I am, even Yahoo does, but I've not even a blip here. >.< I love the idea though. :D