Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rose Would be Ashamed

I only *just* posted about Rose's inspiring words proclaiming housework optional (I might be paraphrasing here), but I have a confession to make.

Yesterday I cleaned.

The whole house.

Top to bottom.

Even the toilets.

Why? The answer's simple: my partial was requested by the Miss Snark's First Victim contest.

Here's the strange thing about me: when I'm writing, housework gets ignored so bad that I have sometimes mistaken the dust bunnies for my dog, and vice versa.

But when I'm rewriting, I need 100% focus. And for some reason, I can't focus if there's a speck of dirt in the house.

This isn't to say that I hadn't already rewritten (several times). But I'm paranoid, and want to make sure that my best foot is forward. So, after seeing the partial req, I did a happy dance that would have made flamenco dancers proud...and then I looked at my desk. At the three empty smoothie cups and the countless empty soda cans littering it so bad that I sometimes knocked them over when I used the mouse. At the hardwood floor growing a carpet of dog hair. At the three-day pile of dishes in the sink.

And then I looked back at my manuscript, my lovely little manuscript, and all the clutter in the house made me think of all the clutter that might still be clinging to the pages.

So I went crazy (literally).

First the house.

Then the manuscript.

I e-mailed it off at 4am! Now, fingers crossed, prayers winging to heaven....and I'm off to take a nap in my (entirely clean) house!
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