Monday, November 24, 2008

My Questions Answered!

So I'm working on a tween novel. That's what I'm officially calling it--my compromise between MG and YA = tween novel. do I query that?

I posted the question off to all those reliable agent blogs, and the first one came in today. So, if you're like me and preparing to query a tween novel, here's how, courtesy of Colleen Lindsay of The Swivet.


Adrienne said...

I wish the library and bookstore had that category - that is a difficult age to find appropriate reading.
Good luck with your queries!

Gottawrite Girl said...

Nice find! You are a super sleuth, Beth!

lotusgirl said...

What a great question Beth. That's one of the groups I aim for. I agree with adrienne too. It is a difficult age to find appropriate reading--esp. if the kid is a really good reader and craves the longer more challenging books.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys!

Adrienne--I think within the next five or so years, we will start seeing that category in bookstores and libraries. It's still so new...the concept of even writing something "in between", let alone the audience itself.

Susan--I do my best :)

Lotusloq: Thanks--this group is fairly new to me, although I suspect that many of my previous WIPs were probably better classified as tween than MG or YA.