Friday, November 7, 2008, who'm I kiddin? It's one link.

But a link about something that I am apparently becoming obsessed with: whether or not it is marketable to give away free books.

Here's the link. Read

If everything is free, how is anyone going to make any money?

First, the market and the internet don't care if you make money. That's important to say. You have no right to make money from every development in media, and the humility that comes from approaching the market that way matters. It's not "how can the market make me money" it's "how can I do things for this market." Because generally, when you do something for an audience, they repay you.

The article also points out that it is stupid for a book to cost the same in hard copy as electronic copy (i.e. $15 for a book and $15 for a Kindle download). I have long been against this set up. It isn't fair to charge me the same amount for a hard copy of a book as for an electronic download. (Also: iTunes should listen to that argument, too.)
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