Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OK, seriously, go vote :)

Also: don't forget to vote for that American president thing, either :)

Nathan Bransford did a rare query critique--worth checking out if you're in that boat.

Keri Mikulski is giving away books! Yay! YAY FOR YA!

PJ is on the 2k8 page, and has the neatest desk I've ever seen ever.

Grammbo is on the Bookshelf Muse page, with timely advice for revisions
Final advice for writers: Read the best of the best in your chosen genre. Read what inspires you. Try to best them. Write what you want to read and what you believe in. Write “up” from where you think you are. Reach for that one step higher on the literary ladder. Chances are very, very good you’ll reach it and beyond. Forget the “rules”; you can always go back and tidy things up. Make the reader’s heart stall, re-start, purr and accelerate. Be true to you and you alone. The reader will recognize honesty. And editors want to read fiction that takes risks, breaks rules knowingly, and creates a compelling, real world that the writer (and reader) believe in, experience and are reluctant to leave.
BookEnds posted what they want interns to look for in a reader's report...which is, coincidentally, the same things us writers better be sure we have if we want to stand out in that reader's report.
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