Monday, November 10, 2008

A Great Weekend

My weekend was awesome, but in that totally forgetable sort of way. Sometimes it's just nice to have nothing to do and nothing to happen. I went to the library and read three books. I canned pears (do you want an awesome recipe for canned pears?). I planted shrubs and weeded the garden. Played with the dog. Played some more.

And, yes, I did go back and look at my book. I think I might have chapter 1 done completely--no more revisions, no more rewriting--just done. And while I started off depressed that it had taken me so long to get chapter 1 right (how long would a book with 20 chapters take if chapter 1 took me months?!), I did something by accident that made it all right. I opened up my files and started looking at where I'd left off last time in rewriting, but accidentally scanned forward too far. My eye latched on to a chapter about three-quarters of the way in, and before I quite realized it, I'd read the whole thing. And it wasn't bad. It reminded me of where I need to get my characters. It reminded me that even though chapter 1 needed a lot of work, it was OK. It sort of gave me a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I had a great weekend.
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