Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who I'd Like to Meet

Heather had a great post recently about people she'd like to--but probably won't ever--meet. I thought this was a good idea, and it got me thinking about who I'd like to meet sometime in my life.

Joss Whedon: This man does everything I want to do with character, voice, and plot. Seriously. Watch Firefly and it's movie, Serenity. It has it all: unique characters (rather a lot of them, too!) all with unique voices all doing unique things to create a wonderfully unique plot. *sigh* I have such a literary crush on Joss Whedon.

Cory Doctrow
: Really, I just think his whole concept of giving away books is amazing. I'd love to really have a talk with him about it.

Diana Wynne Jones and/or Patricia Wrede: These ladies have the kind of career that I want. Consistently good, creative books that have a dedicated following. They might not be household names like the next lady on my list, but they're amazing to me, and have just the kind of career that I aspire towards.

JK Rowling: OK, seriously? I just want to look at her in her castle rolling around on her millions like Scrooge McDuck and sigh in wonder for a moment. Also: I'd like to go back in time and meet her during that time between when she wrote the first book to when she got accepted for publication.

The Writers of Doctor Who: Doctor Who is amazing. Particularly David Tennant. Particularly David Tennant in a kilt. But I'd love to sit in on a writing session for the show. I wonder how much they have planned in advance, and how much is just episode to episode writing. I wonder how jokes/scenes/series are developed. I'd just love to see their writing process in action. (PS: Fans of Doctor Who and/or Shakespeare and/or Neil Gaiman: Read this now.)

So, who would you like to meet?

(As for me, between Joss Whedon and David Tennant in a kilt, I need a cold shower.)
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