Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Turning Into my Mother...

...but there is something deeply satisfying about a clean house. Maybe it's because there comes a point where I'm done. Really and truly done. There aren't any clothes to wash except the ones the husband and I are wearing. There aren't any more dishes to wash. The furniture is dusted and the floors vacuumed. There is nothing else I can do to clean without acquiring an obsessive compulsive disorder.

In one profession where it may be years, if ever, before I find out if I made a difference to my students, and in another profession where I have to honestly face the fact that I might never achieve my goal of publication, it is nice to do something and be complete, know it's the best job I could do, and that there is nothing more to do. In teaching, there's always a better way to teach; in writing, there's always another revision.

At least I can clean the house!

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