Tuesday, September 9, 2008


For those of you who are already published, a quick and easy way to help promote your book.

For those of you who aren't published, a list of agents who should be on your radar.

If I had the money for it, I'd sign myself up for the critique serves or workshops provided by these folks. Seems like some really quality stuff that makes me wish that rich uncle I never knew I had would hurry up and die and leave me my millions.

However, some interesting takes by an agent about whether or not to hire outside freelance editors to perfect a book:
One of the cautions I have given to authors using editors is that you might need to be prepared to pay that editor not only for helping you with this book but also for helping with your next books. ...Your career is only as good as your last book, and if your hired editor was able to take your first book to a level that you aren’t sure you can do on your own, it’s very likely you’ll need to consider hiring that editor for each subsequent book. ... Now many of you will say that’s a small price to pay for publication, but is it really if it means paying out most of your advance to an editor? Certainly something you’ll probably need to consider.
The Man Booker award winners are described as "intensely readable." A comment like that is almost worth the prize itself. Almost. I mean, I ain't sneezing at no $88,700.
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