Thursday, September 4, 2008


Lots of interesting stuff out on the intrawebs now:

An excellent list of new and current YA books. (with themes that define edgy, and remind me that I'm probably dipping my toes more in the MG genre)

A new YA publisher on the scene.

Holly Hobbie was a real person?! And she's writing (another) book?!

Among other things that Nathan Bransford says he doesn't want in a query (most are pretty obvious), this one stood out as a mistake that I'd be likely to make if I weren't careful:
- The themes of your novel (this should be clear from the description of the plot)
And, Nathan also identified the sweet spot in length for queries:
Well, after doing this for a week I basically decided that there is a sweet spot in query word count between 250 and 350 words.
Mine is 276. Sweet!
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