Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Cover and summary reveal of SHADES OF EARTH!

I've just come back from a much-awaited family vacation to the wilds of thrilling Canada, and while I was gone, something big was announced, something that I know a lot of you have been waiting for! Last week, the cover was exclusively revealed by GeekDad at (thanks GeekDad!)...along with another surprise...

All the books in the trilogy are getting a new look!

Click to embiggen!
Now, I know this has come as a shock to some of you. My first gut reaction when I saw the new covers was, "But they won't match the originals!" And that's true--but the more I look at them, the more I love them, and I hope you like them, too.

Some facts:

  • Penguin/Razorbill didn't change the covers lightly. We talked about the whole process, what was best for the books, and what the readers would like. That said, of course, we also knew...
  • We can't please everyone. There will be some people who don't like the new covers. There are a lot of people who didn't like the old ones, too. It would be absolutely impossible to please everyone, but I do believe that...
  • These covers capture the essence of each book. I really love that they are each stylized to look like the outside of the ship (rivets! Yay for rivets!). The ice is obviously symbolic to Amy for the first cover, and the leaves line up great with the third book, but my favorite is the second book. True fact: in the original book designs, they did several mock-ups for AMS. My favorite mock-up was a cover that was mostly orange, but no one else liked that one as much. So I'm secretly pretty thrilled that the second one is finally orange :)
  • The covers don't spoil the plot. This one was a huge issue for me, because I like my twisty plots! Every idea we had for the cover of Shades seemed to reveal a plot element that I wanted to keep hidden. This cover, though, seems to perfectly encapsulate the secrets of what is left for Amy and Elder to discover, and I truly appreciate that! 
Changing covers, especially before the series ends, is always controversial, but I hope that you like the covers as much as I do! And if you'd like to read the summary of SHADES OF EARTH, you can do so here! (I didn't want to copy and paste it here since there are mild spoilers if you've not read the second book yet.)

Please feel free to leave your thoughts here, positive or negative. But remember: a book cover is like the gift wrap on a present--the real gift is the words inside. And speaking of that...I need to get back to editing those words for you! :)
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