Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Big Epic Post of Events in July!

Lots of things are happening next month! Which means I'm probably not going to post much. But! This means I might be coming to an area near you, and if I am, I hope I can come meet you!

So! Events!

Orlando, FL
July 12-15, 2012

This Harry Potter fan conference is much more than just Harry Potter.
This year, they're doing a Quill Track, a series of workshops specifically for writers. I honestly believe that if you're a writer who can feasibly come to this conference, this is one to definitely attend. Totally worthwhile. The programming looks amazing.

Irving, TX
July 19, 2012

Other authors in attendance: 
-Andrea Cremer
-Marie Lu
-Jackson Pearce
-Rosemary Clement-Moore

2pm: Realm of the Unknown Party (open to teens only)
7pm: YA Author Panel and Signing

Irving, TX has a fantastic library system. You should absolutely check them out and see what cool things they are doing--not just on July 19 (I hope you come!) but also throughout the summer. 

Austin, TX
July 21, 2012

Other authors in attendance: 
-PJ Hoover
-KA Holt

Signing at the Book People bookstore is one of those nerdy book dreams I've held onto for awhile. My friend PJ Hoover has signed there before, and the pictures I've seen of her events make me want to run to the store and just explore. So I'm especially excited to sign there with her and KA Holt! 

Opening July 21, 2012

This online contest is a great idea--a way for teens to celebrate any book through art (art of any kind--painting, photography, or more). Basically, a teen submits a digital photograph of a work of art, and could win $50 book gift card, signed books, and more! Be sure to check it out and encourage the teens in your life to celebrate art with art!

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