Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On E-Books

Just found this great article on the evolution of e-books, and wanted to share. Click through for a larger graphic and more info:

I can only speak for myself, but here's what I've noticed in my own reading practices:

  • I have bought the same number of print books since owning an e-reader as before
  • But I have also bought an increasing number of e-books
  • I will typically buy print books from authors I know I like, books I want to get signed, or books I know I will want to re-read and/or complete a set (for example, the final book of a trilogy)
  • But I take chances on e-books--I will typically purchase an ebook that is written by an author I've never tried before, is outside my typical reading comfort zone, etc.
  • If I like the ebook, I will sometimes also then purchase the print book to keep
  • Price is rarely a factor in my ebook purchases. I will sometimes take a chance on a book that's $3 or less that I wouldn't normally, but I buy just as many $10 ebooks as I don't buy $1 ebooks.  I care more about whether or not it's a title that I want to read than the price.
  • That said, I've only ever paid more than $10 once, and that was for an "enhanced edition" because I was curious about what made it "enhanced." I was disappointed; I will be more cautious with future "enhanced editions," particularly over $10.
But the important thing that I'm taking away from these thoughts is this: I buy more books, both print and electronic, than I did before, and I'm buying a wider variety of books. I can't help but see this as a good thing. 

You? How has the introduction of ebooks changed your reading habits...or has it not? 
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