Wednesday, April 4, 2012

News & Events

Holy shizz, guys, I have gotten so far behind. And it's likely I'm going to continue to be a bit behind. I totally don't want to be that irresponsible author who never answers her email, but I'm kinda falling into that. If you've sent me an email that needs an answer, please do NOT feel bad about poking me and reminding me that I'm a loser and need to answer your email.

Meanwhile, here's where I'll be in April & May:

RT Convention, Chicago, IL
April 11-15

Science Fiction: Popular Tropes & Themes & How to Write SF That Dazzles
With: Ann Aguire, Cindy Holby, Isabo Kelly, Cindy Spencer Pape, Lineea Sinclair, and me
Wednesday, April 11th, 1pm

Young Adult: Post-apocalytic and Near Future YA
With: David McInnis Gill, Carrie Ryan, Margie Stohl, Rosemary Clement-Moore, and me
Thursday, April 12th, 10am

Young Adult: Wasting My Time: Making Sense of the Changing Landscape
With: Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Saundra Mitchell, Deborah Schneider, Margie Stohl, Melissa Marr, and me
Friday, April 13th, 10am

Meet the Authors at the Book Fair
YA Author Alley
Friday, April 13th, 10:45-2:00

From Spark to Fire: Interactive World and Character-Building Workshop
With: Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Nancy Holder, Veronica Roth, Margie Stohl, and me
Friday, April 13th, 2:30-3:30

Teen Day Party
Lower Level: International Ballroom

Bookstore Events:

Date: April 26, 7pm
With: Alan Gratz, Carrie Ryan, Gwenda Bond, Kristin Tubb, Laurel Snyder, Megan Miranda, Megan Shepherd, Tiffany Trent
A low-key, informal discussion and Q&A about writing and YA literature

Date: May 1, 7pm
With: Stephanie Perkins, Kiersten White, Megan Miranda

Date: May 2, 6:30pm
Just me :)

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