Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Post by Saundra Mitchell, Author of Springsweet

Today I have the very great pleasure of introducing you to Saundra Mitchell, author of the historical magical novel THE SPRINGSWEET. She's such a sweet author and a whizz at marketing--if you're not already following her blog and reading her books, get on that! Check out her post below for a chance to win both of her historical novels and a copy of A MILLION SUNS!


"Do you know what I've missed since coming here? Books. I do miss reading novels, don't you?"
-Zora, The Springsweet

Pretty much every writer started out as a reader; now that we're writers, we can't help but write about people who love books. Sometimes IN the books. It's meta upon meta, but it makes perfect sense to us.

To celebrate books, Saundra Mitchell's blog tour is all about sharing two great things that go great together: books + free.  And in this case, whiplash- one minute, you're enjoying a strange, dark future in A MILLION SUNS, the next, you're whipped back to magic on the prairie in 1891.

Get your whiplash for free. Enter to win a copy of  A MILLION SUNS, and a signed set of Saundra's THE VESPERTINE and THE SPRINGSWEET. All you have to do is comment in this entry, and leave an e-mail address where we can contact you. (US & Canadian residents only, please.)

And tell us about your favorite book, too. Growing a TBR pile is the best gardening there is!

A Companion to The Vespertine
by Saundra Mitchell
Hardcover & E-book
From Harcourt

“A lovely historical romance takes readers back to the 1890 Oklahoma territory. (T)he author conjures a convincing picture of life on the Oklahoma prairie, painting an absorbing portrait of the landscape and of the people there. A high-quality, absorbing drama.”

It’s a long way from Baltimore to Oklahoma Territory. But Zora Stewart will go any distance to put the tragic events of her sixteenth summer behind her. So this city girl heads to the tiny frontier town of West Glory to help her young widowed aunt keep her homestead going.

When another Baltimorean shows up in West Glory, Zora couldn’t be more surprised. Theo de la Croix made the long trip out west hoping to court Zora, whom he has long admired from afar.
But Zora has developed an attraction to a rather less respectable fellow: Emerson Birch, a rough-mannered young “sooner” whose fertile land is coveted.

As Zora begins to suspect that there may be more than luck behind Emerson’s good land, she discovers an extraordinary, astonishing power of her own: the ability to sense water under the parched earth. When her aunt hires her out as a “springsweet” to advise other settlers where to dig their wells, Zora feels the burden of holding the key to something so essential to survival in this unforgiving land.

Even more, she finds herself longing for love the way the prairie thirsts for water. Maybe, in the wildness of the territories, Zora can finally move beyond simply surviving and start living.

is available at Indiebound |Amazon| Barnes & Noble

Saundra Mitchell has been a phone psychic, a car salesperson, a denture-deliverer and a layout waxer. She's dodged trains, endured basic training, and hitchhiked from Montana to California. She teaches herself languages, raises children, and makes paper for fun. She's the author of Shadowed Summer, The Vespertine, The Springsweet, and the forthcoming The Elementals and Mistwalker. She's also the editor of the forthcoming YA anthology Defy the Dark. She always picks truth; dares are too easy.


Pica said...

I have always wanted to read one of Saundra Mitchell's books, but have never been able to get my hands on them. The Springsweet sounds awesome. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

picareads [at] gmail [dot] com

Alyssa Susanna said...

Wow cool! I loveddddd The Vespertine, especially because of the fact that it was written with the setting in Baltimore, which is where i was born and raised and still live!!!
Some of my favorite YA books are Obsidian (Jennifer Armentrout), Abandon (Meg Cabot), The Hunger Games series (Suzanne Collins), Graceling and Fire (Kristin Cashore), Article 5 (Kristen Simmons), Grave Mercy (Robin LaFevers), Die For Me (Amy Plum), and of course, The Vespertine(Saundra!)and Across the Universe series (Beth!). But those are just a few. I actually don't have that much of a TBR pile, because i want to read a book that has come out, then i go and get it from the library or buy it. I'm not very big on waiting months after the book comes out :D
But anyway, thanks for the giveaway!!

EMAIL: lilleetleet@verizon.net

Kay said...

My students and I loved both The Vespertine and A Million Suns. I would love to have more copies to share with them! I just started Close to Famous by Joan Bauer this morning and am loving it. I'm also currently on a Patricia McCormick kick. I can't wait to get my hands on her newest book coming out next month.

Kay said...

I forgot my email above: kaymcgriff at gmail dot com.

Mandy said...

Very excited for the Springsweet!!

Yay!! Thanks Beth!


Jeanni said...

I'm so excited for this book!


Vivien said...

I'm so bloody excited for this book. Cannot wait!!!! Thanks :D

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

jpetroroy said...

I love the sound of this book.

jpetroroy at gmial dot com

Kathleen said...

Some of my favorite books are The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead and Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. I also really liked Across the Universe=)

kathleen.doyle88 at yahoo dot com

Krispy said...

The Vespertine has been on my TBR for ages! So I'm really excited about this giveaway. Thanks ladies!

Other books on my TBR that I'm totally stoked for: Bitterblue, Shadow & Bone, Unspoken, and The Raven Boys. I'm also reading Seraphina right now and really enjoying it. Guess I'm on a bit of a fantasy kick lately. :)


Taryn said...

Just finished an ARC of REVIVED by Cat Patrick, and it was fantastic! tarynalAThotmailDOTcom

Christina said...

Favorite book is pretty much impossible, but I know that Northanger Abbey, P&P and Kristin Cashore's books are really high on the list.

Best books I've read in the last week are: Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris, Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers and The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman.

There's been a lot of Robin in my reading recently. I guess I should keep that up.

Thanks for the giveaway!

cynicalsapphire at gmail dot com

Ash said...

Favorite book? How about favorite bookS? So much easier!

-Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
-Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce
-Graceling & Fire by Kristin Cashore
-Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith

All amazing! <3


Laura said...

Favorite book of all time? That's a tough one, but I do LOVE "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." I can't even count how many times I've read it!

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Ooooh, I've been drooling over the cover of Springsweet for a while now, and this sounds really good. I haven't read Vespertine either, so I'm a little intrigued :o)

My favorite book? Just one?! Oh man...Random selection...East by Edith Pattou. This is a retelling of my favorite fairy tale, and the first novelization of a fairy tale I remember reading :oD

Thanks for the giveaway!

Valia Lind said...

I seriously have too many favorites right now!! I adore Kimberly Derting's series, Ally Carter (both series), Darkness Becomes Her books, Girl in Steel Corset!! I can go on and on! Thanks!


N.E. Williams said...

A phone psychic? Well I'll be....her books sounds great. This is my first time hearing of her. I'd like a stab at reading. ;)

Tessa said...

anything to get a copy of a million suns :DDDD


Love Between Pages said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I have a few favourite books, from Harry Potter to Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles. But one of my very favourite is The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. I love this book because not only is full of romance (I am a hopeless romantic) but it is also **(spoiler alert)based on a true story.

Mo said...

What a great resume for a writer! Creativity knows no boundaries! Love it. I just read the first book in Michael Scott's The Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series - The Alchemist . I have fallen in love with the characters in this book series. Not a new series, but a very entertaining one. I hope you have a chance to try it out.

I would love to get a copy of both books. I loved A Million Suns and The Springsweet sounds fantastic.

Love Between Pages said...

Sorry I forgot to write my email address. Here it is...


Mo said...

And of course I forgot my email address:

paperbackbetrayer - at - gmail - dot - com.

Happy Reading!

Rocket said...

Favorite book - too many to count, but I'd say the Song of Ice and Fire Series by GRRM and Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon are must reads for anyone. An oldie but goodie, Trade Wind by M.M. Kaye is amazing as well!


TylerC_ said...

It took twenty minutes to find how to comment but i did it ahah. I just wanted to make sure that i have my chance in this i cant wait for the book i know im not going to win but whatever thanks for doing it my email is

Tabitha Michelle said...

I'm super excited for this book!

I have sooo many favorite books. Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, The Only Alien on the Planet....and many more!


Kristy Sartain said...

Thanks for the super easy book giveaway! My favorite book is Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I have read all of the books in the series except the last one. Wicked reignited my passion for reading and helped get me back on track to get my Master's degree and become a librarian, which has been a lifelong dream.
My e-mail is kristy.sartain@carteretk12.org

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway. Honestly part of my love of this literary community is the selfless giving. I have never quite found a place that was so willing to give and share.

I have many favorite books, sometimes I feel like I can never write a review because I remember loving all the books I've read (beyond a very select few).
But I'll ship Heather Brewer's books any day :)

You can contact me at
spykids_cool (at) yahoo (dot) com or on Twitter - Froze8

Julia K said...

Sounds like an interesting book. :)

My favorite book? This is hard, so I shall make a short list, instead. It's in no particular order beyond what I think of first.

- The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
- Life as we Knew it, by Susan Beth Pfeffer
- The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter
- Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
- Incarceron, by Catharine Fisher

There's more, but I'll leave it at this. Thank you for the giveaway!


Drina said...

Thank you! My favorite book is Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and my email is: schmetterlinge85 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks again!

SarahChristine said...

Ah so many favorite books to list right now, currently loving Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore....


Amanda said...

Ohh veyr cool! Thanks for the contest.
My favourite book would have to eb The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and series would be Vampire Academy


Ashley K said...

Ooh, sounds fascinating. The cover is gorgeous too!
I don't know how I'm supposed to pick a single favorite! But within the past few years I'd have to say Divergent.

ashley9kc at gmail dot com

Nicole@The More the Merrier said...

Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! My favorite books would be the Vampire Academy series as well as the Soul Screamers.


Heather said...

I'm so excited to read Zora's story! One of my new favorite books is Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper.

hmccorkle (at) wildblue (dot) net

Amy S. said...

I loved The Vespertine with its very lyrical writing. Just beautiful. My favorite new series this year has been the Soul Screamers books by Rachel Vincent. Thanks for the giveaway!
amy dot swihart at gmail dot com

ashley said...

Thanks a bunch these books have such a cool premise!


Lily Sooklal said...

My favorite book is The Naming by Alison Croggon.
Thanks for being part of the tour, and thanks Saundra, for the tour!

Lily Sooklal
Email: lilypi@verizon.net

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