Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis The Season of Giving

Thank you all for entering my contest, spreading the word, and cheering me on. Thanks to you guys, we've raised $1,573 for World Vision.

And guys? That's pretty darn awesome, in my opinion.

But I know the question on most of your minds is: WHAT ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY?!

Well, as you know, there were 1,573 entries. And up there above is 200 prizes. With the addresses all carefully hidden from view. The point of the giveaway is to be a surprise--so if you win, it'll show up in your mailbox (for US residents, probably by the end of next week--international might have to wait a bit).

Here are some statistics for your viewing pleasure!

  • By pure chance, the very first person who entered won one of the big prizes.
  • At least three people that I talk to fairly regularly on Twitter won (I recognized the names as I was posting labels)
  • There were a little over 30 international winners, including 2 of the big prizes
  • The state with the most entries was... Texas! Washington, Virginia, and California were after that.
  • The city with the most entries was... Portland, Oregon!
  • The international country with the most entries was... Canada!
  • Last year, an old college buddy won a prize. This year, one of my college roomies won a prize! (But sorry, Lori, it was just a postcard.)
  • One of the winners was a former student at the high school I worked at, and although she wasn't in my classroom, one of her besties was, so I got to know her, too. I think she'll be surprised!
  • My husband still doesn't know how much it cost to mail these out. Let's keep it our little secret, k?
Happy Holidays Everyone!
Have a wonderful new year!
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