Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book 3 Title Reveal!

A MILLION SUNS comes out in *eep!* less than a month! This is the second book of the trilogy, and you might have noticed that we've kept the title of the third book a sekkrit, even though we've known the title since ACROSS THE UNIVERSE sold.

If you're a curious sort and would like to know what the title of the third and final book is, then you're in luck!! On the very last page of the finished copy of A MILLION SUNS, there's a page about the third book, and it includes the title. Here's what it looks like:

Wait a minute...what's all that smudged out part in the middle?

*evil grin*

That, my friends, is where the title is, and you'll have to wait for A MILLION SUNS to be released to see it!

...but if YOU want to know what the title of the third book is NOW, you can check out the reveal here. (click on the BOOK 3 TITLE tab on the left)


Let me know what you think! And remember for those who've read the second book: no spoilers!
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