Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals and Dreams

There's something empowering about having dreams come true. In 2011, several of mine did. Some of it was luck (I bribed leprechauns to make the NY Times thing happen), some of it was hard work (editing kicks my tail). Some of it was magical (hello new friends!), some of it was shocking (book tour?! me?!), and much of it was tiring (see: editing, book tour), but there's not a single moment that I regret.

I cannot put into words how amazing 2011 was. It just was.

And now it's nearly 2012.

I'm really not much of one for resolutions. I've made too many impossible resolutions before. There were many years where my resolution was "get my book published," but, failing self-publication, that's not something you can completely control. When other people are involved in making a dream come true, some of it is out of your hands.

So instead of resolutions, I have goals and dreams. My goals are things that I can do. My dreams are things that I can only somewhat control. It's not stuff like "win the lottery!" It's more like stuff that I can work towards, but without a little luck or help from others, it won't happen.

I have three goals and three dreams.
  • One of each is very personal.
  • One goal will require work, but will definitely happen (unless my hands fall off).
  • One goal is incredibly boring.
  • One will be very, very, very hard. But it's a goal, not a dream, so I can do it.
  • One dream is one I think will very likely happen. One dream is one I think might never.
Want to know what they are?

I am totally stealing Nova Ren Suma's idea. I've written down my dreams and goals for 2012. When if when I accomplish each goal, I'll post it here. And we can celebrate together! :) about you? What are your goals and dreams? May they both come true in the new year!
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