Friday, October 16, 2009


Have you heard of it yet? Wanna be one of the cool kids in the know? Check out PJ Hoover's latest release, THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD! (Summary stolen shamelessly from PJ's awesome website.)

At the end of summer school, Benjamin was given one task—find his missing brothers. Should be easy right? But Benjamin can't locate a trace of them anywhere. Then he finds a mysterious file written in ancient Lemurian with his name on it, which wouldn't be so weird except the file happens to be several thousand years old. Who would have known about Benjamin that long ago? And then Benjamin and his friends begin to wonder, have they been looking not in the wrong place, but in the wrong time?

Sound awesomely amazing. Oh, it is. And the best news? I get to share my excitement over this novel with you, dear readers! Tomorrow, we're going to start gathering questions from YOU to interview PJ with, and next week we'll have the interview, a book review, and... a giveaway for both PJ's first AND second book!!! So stick around--this'll be fun!
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