Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Contests: Updates, Opportunities, and more!

I actually *do* have a series of things to post, but I think I let things get a bit swamped in the contest department, didn't I? I originally had everything spaced out so that the Critter contest didn't collide with the Mystery Book Contest, but then I got sick and got behind, and argh.


The Mystery BEST Book in the Past 5 Years has been revealed: THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak! The title has (obviously) already been guessed correctly, so you can't get the extra entries that way, but you still have a chance to win by clicking and commenting here.

Would you like the lovable monster Critter to come to your home town and visit you and your blog? Then click here and leave a comment telling me where you'd take him. Best new location wins! (PS: Sorry about the crazy huge pictures. I have no idea why the pictures are doing that. I've resized in Blogger but that seems to do nothing at all.)

Also: I reviewed Diana Peterfreund's newest book, RAMPANT, here...leave a comment for a chance to win a bookmark/temporary tattoo courtesy of the author! (I was going to close this one Sunday, but I've only had a handful of entries...anyone who entered before Sunday gets double entries, and I'll leave it open for everyone else through the end of the week.)

WHEW! OK, after this crazy week, I'm taking a break from contests!

...oh, wait...I'm not! I've got a new one coming up, for a super-amazing-cool author...and it's coming up very very VERY soon--along with an interview, a review, and a chance for YOU to interview the author!!!
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