Friday, February 8, 2013

Boston Tour Stop Cancelled

I really really wanted to go to Boston guys. You have history! And books! And readers! And...

...a mother-frexing blizzard. With a projected 3 or more feet of snow and a storm the Weather Channel is calling "historically massive" (too words that are somewhat intimidating when combined), we've had to cancel the Boston Tour stop, which had been scheduled for Sunday, right in the middle of the storm.

This does not at all effect the rest of the tour. And Boston. I promise I will get to your city. Eventually. When it quits snowing. Which, judging from the Weather Channel, might be never. But look on the bright side! Now you're Narnia. Under the White Witch. Hmmm....maybe not much of a bright side...

Stay safe, Boston--and NY, CT, PA, MA, and all the other areas effected by the storm!
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