Friday, September 7, 2012

A Request About ARCs

It's official! ARCs are starting to be shipped! And speaking of--if you're a reviewer who would like to request and Advanced Reader Copy, then please fill out the form here. (No need to do it twice if you've already done it before).

But! I would like to make a request of everyone who reads the book early!

Please be careful to not reveal any spoilers. I know I don't really need to tell you guys this because you are the kind of readers who don't want to give away spoilers for the book. But there are some pretty big reveals in Shades, and I hope you don't mind me giving one more reminder--don't spoil the book for those who've not read it yet!

Thank you! 


TheBookworm said...

Ahhh! Thank you so much! I love the series and I can't wait to read Shades of Earth!

WakeUpEveryone said...

Can anyone get an ARC?? I am DYING to read the book! I will put everything else aside to read it, won't do laundry for a week! Make my hubby cook dinner too! LOL I'm not an official reviewer or anything, but I'd be more than willing to write one!!

indymiz said...

I've been reviewing books for years. It would be nice for someone else to read them!

CJ Major said...

I love your books, really hoping I can get one!

Anonymous said...

Well, I clicked LEAVE A COMMENT on the contest entry form, but I didn't actually LEAVE one. So I'm doing it here. I SO want to win this book! In college, I immersed myself in Victorian BRITISH lit, so I do love steampunk in England, BUT...what a brilliant idea to shift it elsewhere. And a griffin!