Monday, March 5, 2012

Winner + Music = WHOA

Who's the winner of all seven books on the Breathless Reads tour? Plus a signed poster? Plus a badge from the tour? Who's the winner who gets all this awesome?

Stephanie B., that's who!

I've just contact Stephanie, and the prize will be in the mail soon. And I did snag some extra prizes along the way...but I'm saving those for later! (By which I mean...more contests coming soon!)

And meanwhile: I just got something awesome in my Twitter feed. Emily, who is absolutely charming and wonderful, met me at my NYC tour stop. And then--guys! And then! SHE WROTE A SONG ABOUT ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

I KNOW RIGHT?! This is basically AWESOME SQUARED. I cannot even express how cool this is. 

Want proof? Check the song out here for yourself! Emily wrote and performed the song herself. And it's (very) appropriately named "Little Fish!"

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