Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breathless Reads Tour 2012

Whew! You know what time it is? It's time for a picture post!

I'm still gobsmacked at how awesome the Breathless Tour was this year, and I can't wait to share some pics with everyone. Also, if you're in the picture-looking mood, I just did a massive update to Facebook as well, including pictures from the launch a year ago, the first Breathless Tour, the most elaborate cake I've ever seen, and more.

Now--without further ado!--a photo essay of Breathless Reads 2012!

The crowd in Naperville, near Chicago, at Anderson's Bookstore.
I reallllly wish I could have explored more of downtown Chicago, but this was a fantastic way to kick off the tour. We were in good hands from the start :)

(PS: Recognize Amanda from the front row? In the purple shirt--she's the one who made me the fantastically amazing quilt for the Creative Contest!)

In Washington, DC, we were interviewed by Sirius XM radio for the BookTalk station.
I discovered that truckers like to call in requesting the audiobook of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (I <3 you, truckers) and we all had fun with the interview. And afterwards, I got to go see...

Flash, at the 60s on 6 station! My father loves this station (and so do I--what else would you expect from a girl who names her books after a Beatles's song?!)

In NYC, our hotel looked like a spaceship.
There were portholes for windows, the curtains were silver, and everything was high tech.

Books of Wonder in NYC. I seriously get a little thrill every time I come here.

The audience at Books of Wonder! We were truly blessed on this tour--every single stop was standing room only, and we sold out of books at some events! Our fans = THE BEST.

The window display at Collegeville, in the Towne Center Bookshop.
Aren't our books pretty together? :)

At Blue Willow Books in Houston, TX, we got to sign the wall!
I take no credit for the cute horse, but I did add three stars around my name, 
one for each of my space books.

The crowd at Blue Willow!

This is Michaela. She did another entry for the Creative Contest. Her artwork is a koi fish in a sea of stars (*sigh* Such lovely imagery!) and she created it with a method called stippling--making the picture one tiny dot at a time! I was blown away by this artwork when I saw in online, but in person it was EVEN MORE AMAZING.

In Dallas, TX, the Barnes and Noble hosting us creating amazing custom drinks for each person. 
Mine is a Cryogenically Blue Frozen Frap and it was so good that I had TWO.

See! Here I am posing with the menu of custom drinks. 
Seriously awesome stuff!!

The whole time on tour, Andrea was working on her next book. Here she is, typing up the name of a character that Jessica, Marie, and I helped to name after a brief brainstorming session! I call dibs on being the writing-godmother!

For the first time this year, we did school visits. This is one of the displays in California, but honestly? Every single school was wonderful. It was amazing to see and talk to kids who are avid readers and eager to learn more about writing. 

At the inaugural Passion and Prose event in Long Beach, CA, I got to meet Bonnie--and see her seriously cool and wonderful t-shirt! What the frex indeed!!

The back is even more beautiful--my favorite phrase from A MILLION SUNS.

And if all that isn't amazing enough, after the events, I had a chance to hang out with none other than...
For those of you who haven't heard me rave about Molly, this actress is one of the stars on the hit ABC show, CASTLE, and is also the person who I used as a visual reference when writing Amy. I often get asked who I would cast for Amy and Elder if I had a chance to do so. I never know who would be a good Elder (I change my mind constantly on this point) but I'm all for Molly playing Amy! (Keeping in mind, though, that authors never really have a say in this...)

All in all, this was an amazing tour. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that Penguin sent me out again, giving me the chance to meet awesome people, hang with super-cool authors, and revel in bookstores across the nation. 

I am one lucky girl.

And after the tour of awesome? 
I got to go on a retreat of awesome.

Shenanigans were had:


JenniferJ said...

Looks like you all had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing photo's! I loved the video. It had me rolling with tears in my eyes. LOL

Megan said...

Love this post! The video was hilarious! :D

Bonnie Rae said...

The tour looked like so much fun! It was amazing to meet you girls and I am glad you liked the shirt! I plan on wearing it to the Hunger Games movie release night! =P Thanks for the link love as well!

Anonymous said...

No pictures from Decatur? D:

The Romance Bookie said...

Was amazing seeing you at the Passion and Prose :)!

And you're video was hilarious!!!

"Vodka" "Acid trip" LOL