Friday, November 28, 2014

The Holiday Buying Guide for Writers

It's almost that time of year again! Time to buy gifts for your favorite writers in your life. :) Here's my collection of awesome ideas of things to put under the typewriter tree.


Seriously, writers? Can never have enough motherflipping Sharpies.

Be on Santa's Good List: Buy her Sharpies that color-match her bookcover. 
Alternatively: silver. So fancy. So shiny. 

Book-Scented Candles
Buy it here
Writers love the smell of books. Fact.

Be on Santa's Good List: Get him ALL THE BOOKISH CANDLES.
May require an extra-large stocking.

Fingerless Mitts
Buy them here
Look, most writers at some point in December will consider themselves to be Bob Cratchit, huddled near a candle-flame as they work tirelessly on their Ebenezer-Scrooge-like-book. Make her comfortable with a pair of hand-warming but typing-friendly fingerless mitts. Bonus points: this pair looks like they're made from dragonscales, which makes them cooler because dragons are cool.

Be on Santa's Good List: Create an elaborate plan to befriend author Jodi Meadows, who started the writers-wearing-mitts-craze and hand makes them for special people.


The Qwerky Writer
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Typewriters are cool, but so is modern technology. This gadget combines both. A typewriter-style keyboard (complete with clacky sounds!) that hooks up to an iPad. Alternatives to this gift: the Hemingwrite.

Be on Santa's Good List: Go back in time and fund this typewriter keyboard on Kickstarter, so you'll be one of the first to nab one.

Weird Time-Keeping Devices
Buy it here
Buy it here
Buy it here
Look, when I get stuck writing, I set a timer and force myself to write while the timer's going. But timers don't have to be boring! You can get a candle that burns in exact hour increments, a cool hourglass, or a timer that looks like it's about to take off in an airplane.

Be on Santa's Good List: Accompany this gift with a Hermione-style time-turner. 

The InstantPot
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I actually own this product, and so I can say with authority that it's my favorite kitchen device. Here's the thing: writers are forgetful. We forget that cooking requires, you know, food. And time. The InstantPot makes life so much easier. It's a (safe!) electronic pressure cooker with a ton of preset settings, so it's basically idiot-proof. You can throw in a whole frozen chicken, push some buttons, and like magic, it's done in about an hour. This product is way better than a CrockPot (which, btw, it can also function as one). The food's not mushy, and you don't have to remember eight hours ago to put crap in the pot. By the time you start feeling a little hungry, you can throw the stuff in the InstantPot and have it ready when you finish writing that last chapter.

Be on Santa's Good List: Offer to cook supper with in the InstantPot once a week. It'll make you look like a hero, and you don't have to tell the writer in your life how easy it is to use.

Don't like my lists?

Here are a few more lists of buying guides for writers:

Is your favorite author currently stuck in an editing stage 
just in time to screw up the holidays and make life miserable?




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