Friday, March 28, 2014

Skip a Starbucks Day!

Note: let's blame Blogger for the fact that this post didn't go up when I thought I'd scheduled it for... 

CJ Redwine is an amazing person--not only is she the author of the Defiance trilogy, but she's one of the most kind and giving people I know.

So kind, in fact, that she's opened her heart and her home up to adoption. A few years ago, she adopted a little girl from China. And now she's trying to do it again.

CJ and her family has been paired with Isabella, a precious little girl who was born with a few birth defects. Because of her special needs and the timing, CJ and her family need to come up with $15k--fast. And they're asking for help. When good people ask for help for a good cause, the world rises up to meet them.

But CJ and her family aren't asking for the world--they're just asking for a coffee.

Your average coffee at Starbucks costs about $5--and a $5 donation is a simple, easy thing to give. It adds up fast, and it can change the life of this family. Also? A simple, $5 donation will enter you in a prize pack of awesome proportions. There are TONS of prizes available, including an entire set of signed books from me!

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

For more information, including details of all the prizes, just click here!

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