Friday, November 29, 2013

A Sci-Fi Lover's Gift Giving Guide

It's Black Friday! And I'm itching to go out to one of the sales even though (a) I hate crowds and (b) there's nothing I really want anyway. Also (c) have I mentioned I hate crowds? So, instead of doing any of that, I'm going to make up a gift-giving guide from the comfort of my couch--while I watch Doctor Who, natch!

For the Sci Fi Novice

My friendship test is based on how much you love this short-lived television series.
It's about being bad guys in space, and I love it.


For the Aspiring SF Writer

This book is done mostly as an interview with Russell T. Davies, lead writer for Doctor Who in the reboot series. If you love the show, it's a fascinating peek into the behind the scenes. And if you're a writer, it's a fascinating peek at the process. Definitely worth a read.


For the Fashionista Sci Fi Geek

I totally got this bracelet to wear on tour for my next book.


For the Coffee-Drinking Sci Fi Nerd

Fact: Coffee tastes better when you can point it at someone and say, "pew, pew, pew."


For the Tea-Drinking Sci Fi Nerd

Fact: Tea tastes better when it comes from a rocket ship.
Bonus points if you make very hot Earl Grey. 


For the Sci Fi Girl You Really, REALLY Like

Hint, hint.


For the Spaceship Captain 
with Free Space on the Rocketship Walls

Megan Lara is one of my favorite artists--and she has a huge variety of prints available from all the wonderful nerdy things I love--Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, and more. Often used in t-shirts, phone cases, and more, you can see all of Megan's art here.


For the Trekkie Foodie

BRB, eating pizza with Christopher Pine.


For the Authentic Space (Wo)Man

Seriously. A piece of the moon. If you don't want that in your Christmas stocking, then you might be from Mars. By the way, they have freaking pieces of MARS for sale, too.


For the Fashionable Reader

Dear Husband, please buy this for me.
I mean, come on! How cute is this?!


For the Scientific Princess

If you don't think Princess Bubblegum is the greatest scientist 
after the Mushroom Wars, you're wrong.


For Someone Who Needs to Carry It All

This Etsy artist has lots of book purses for sale, including A Wrinkle in Time, HP Lovecraft, Doctor Who and lots more. But I have to admit: I wish this Hitchhiker's purse was $42.


For the Stamped Sci Fi Nerd

These postage stamp necklaces are made by book blogger and librarian Leila from Bookshelves of Doom. But you can't have this Tardis one, because I totally bought it before you could. (But message her; she might have more!)


For the Ones Who Still Believe in Cake

True story: I made my husband destroy my companion cube in Portal because I felt too bad to do it myself. Also because I have bad hand-eye coordination. But also the feels!


For the Best SF Christmas Cards

In addition to having a variety of cute clay pendants, buttons, bookmarks, and more, Lesley at SweetGeek has a line of cute Christmas cards perfect for the nerds in your life. Also? Ornaments! And wreaths!

For the Sci Fi Nerd You Love the Best

Heh. I just couldn't help myself. But if you realllllly love someone, get 'em the AtU books! And if you order them from Malaprops, you can get them signed! They ship internationally :)

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