Monday, June 9, 2008

Voices Talk to Me When I'm tired...

I'm exhausted. I was up until about 12:30 last night grading my students' final essays (a 6-8 page monstrosity on the effects of apathy in society). There were almost 70 essays, and I felt the need to comment on every one of them.

My husband, around 9 PM or so (I started grading at 1 PM and only took about four or so breaks), came in and told me I shouldn't bother writing comments on the essays since the kids wouldn't read them.

Today, when the greedy little jerks swarmed me before school, I gave them their essays one-by-one and sat there and made them read the comments!!

Anyway, I'm beat. But Rachelle Garner has a great post on voice, something I've been blogging about for awhile now.

So how do you find your voice? You can't learn it. You can't copy it. Voice isn't a matter of studying. You have to find it. And the only place to find it is within you.
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