Monday, March 31, 2008

Writer's Block

Recently, I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block. Thing is, I've got a great concept for a novel, a new spin on YA fantasy that I think has never been done before. Putting it on paper...a whole other thing entirely. I have the idea, and the characters, but combining the two is killing me!

Some people walk away and leave it until inspiration hits, but I can't do it that way. I obsess...I think about it constantly; I don't feel right unless I'm at my computer at least staring at the screen.

Some people outline, but I can't do that either. If I know how the story ends (i.e. through an outline) I canNOT finish the book. I get bored with it! Half the fun of writing is figuring out how to tell the story and how it will end!!

For this novel and this case of writer's block, I'm still struggling. I do outline a bit--I know enough about my story to know the broad outcome (i.e. who lives, who dies--but not how). For this story, I've had to change around the plot so much I'm more confused--and anxious about--the ending than ever. I want to know what happens, because I have no idea! So I just stare at my screen, waiting to figure out my character's problems....

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